Hunting Auroras

Hunting Auroras

A set of forecasting tools

Views of Sun & Earth


Sunspots, updated daily Updated daily.

Sunspots frequencies and the solar cycle determine the quantity of Aurora seen on earth. If there are large sunspots (dark areas) visible, there is a high chance of Aurora being seen.

Aurora Oval (Northern/Borealis)

Aurora oval Updated hourly.

The Aurora Oval map is regenerated every hour and gives a sign of where Aurora is visible at any given time. The brightness of the green color shows the approximate strength of the Aurora in real time. If you see a thick aurora band with some areas of light yellow, orange or, better yet, RED on this map, then get ready for a very strong Aurora display!

Cloud coverage over Iceland

Kindly provided by [in Icelandic].

Unfortunately it doesn’t matter much how strong the Aurora is if it’s fully overcast with clouds where you are trying to see them. A good trick to find Aurora is to follow cloudcover predictions closely and look for openings in the clouds and head to those locations for the best view.