The film has an original score by three separate artist/bands. We felt that this material needed to have specially scored music to enhance the experience of the audience. The music needed to talk directly to the images and be able to speak for the northern lights.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find three tracks used in the film. Enjoy!


The first artist is Yagya (Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson) has been creating atmospheres through melody and sounds for more than a decade. Yagya spends his free time creating music on his computer. He concentrates on atmospheres and moods and tries to reflect the beauty of the world around him in the sounds of his music. He seeks influence in the works of Gas, Philip Glass, Basic Channel, Brian Eno and anything that is true to itself and it’s ideas. Yagya concentrates on the softer side of music and avoids heavy rhythms. He finds harmony and beauty in the simple sounds of nature and wants his music to flow naturally through the listener.

Kajak is a two man operations (Hreinn Elíasson and Sigurmon Hartmann Sigurðsson) which has been making sounds for more than 10 years, everything from dreamy ambient to smoky stoner. For the genre nerds out there their music could be called tribal pop/nordic electro, or just simply electro pop. They look up to Phil Collins and Sting, but grow up with Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana.


Petur Jonsson is a composer and producer from Reykjavik, Iceland.

He started studying music at the age of 10, and was touring professionally by the age of 17. He studied film directing in Rome, returned to Iceland, founded a film production company and started directing and producing commercials.

Hundreds of commercials later he returned to his musical origins and now composes music for commercials, television and film trailers for his own music production company Medialux, combining his passion for cinematic music with his film production expertise.

Petur has worked as producer and composer on many big name commercials, as well as on several music projects, both Icelandic and international. He is a passionate guitar and recording gear nut and likes working on different and varied music and production styles and creative sound design.

You can see his work on, and on his cinematic sub-label Anthemico Records (

You can also listen to three tracks from the movie below.


  1. Wendi Thumudo
    May 16, 2015 @ 10:05:48

    I loved this movie. Makes me wish I could up and move to Iceland right now. Wished at times I were there just so I could paint. So amazing. Like nothing I’ve ever seen. I watched it on Amazon Prime. Thank you for creating something so gorgeous. : )


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